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For around fifty years, the independent organisation Public Eye has offered a critical analysis of the impact that Switzerland, and its companies, has on poorer countries. Through its research, advocacy and campaigning, Public Eye fights against injustices with their root cause in Switzerland, and demands the respect of human rights throughout the world. Public Eye focuses on global justice.

Public eye is essentially financed by donations, bequests and membership fees: this is how we are able to remain completely independent. Your financial support, on any scale, is essential to the projects we carry out and allows us to carry on with our work. Thank you very much for backing what we do!

For any questions about donations, Chantal Sierro on +41 44 277 79 18 or via email will be happy to help you.


Chantal Sierro

Chantal Sierro

will be happy to help you.

+41 44 277 79 18