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Your donations allow our work to remain completely independent. Public eye is essentially financed by membership fees and support from donors.

Thank you very much for backing what we do. Public Eye undertakes to respect the intentions behind your donation and to guarantee the protection of your personal information. Below, you will find responses to frequently asked questions about donations. To find out more about Public Eye's activities, and their financing, please see our activity report (in french (PDF, 4.1 MB) or in german (PDF, 4.1 MB)).

Allocation of your donation

Public Eye is an organisation that is recognised by Zewo as being of public interest. This Zewo certification guarantees that your donation will be used in line with Public Eye's objectives, in an efficient and effective manner. It also acts as a guarantee of transparent communication about our activities and financial management.

Tax deduction

Thanks to our Zewo certification, your donations are tax deductible. You can find more details about authorised tax deductions by consulting the Zewo information file (in german).

Regulating donations

Public Eye respects strict regulations on the handling of donations and other contributions (available in French (PDF, 128 KB) and German (PDF, 119 KB)). It does not accept significant donations from private individuals, companies or institutions - in as far as it is possible to ascertain - that could hamper its independence or its ethical credibility

Data privacy

Data privacy is particularly important to us. Public Eye undertakes to handle your data with strict confidentiality and only use it for internal purposes. Your personal information will never be sold, rented or transmitted in any way to third parties.   

Direct Debit

If you pay via direct debit (PDF, 281 KB) you help us minimizing administration costs. For contributions via direct debit Public Eye will not send you a letter of thanks.

Support a project

For donations of 2,000 Swiss francs and above, you can allocate your donation to a specific Public Eye project. To do so, you can contact Chantal Sierro on +41 (0)44 277 79 18 or via email at chantal.sierro[at] Public Eye allocates donations of under 2,000 francs to the projects it deems the most urgent.

Group donations

Life is sprinkled with times when we gather together for a specific occasion. A marriage, a baptism, an anniversary, a concert or an exposition are all occasions where people can decide to organise a collection. Even at funerals, people sometimes ask attendees not to bring flowers and wreaths but instead to support an association with a donation, in honour of the deceased. Whatever the event in question, get in touch with us and together we can decide what approach to use: please contact Barbara Wüthrich, on +41 (0)44 277 79 16 or via email at barbara.wuethrich[at], who will supply payment slips upon request, as well as any additional information you may require.

Security of online donations

Your donations will be processed using the Saferpay online payment solution, which complies with the most stringent of security standards. Transactions are fully encrypted. Data used for identification and payment may not be consulted by third parties.

Letter of thanks

We like to say thank you when people support us. That's why Public Eye will send you a letter of thanks for any contribution of 100 francs or more. However, if you would prefer not to receive one, please let Barbara Wüthrich know: +41 (0)44 277 79 16, barbara.wuethrich[at]

Address for donations

  • CCP:
  • Bank account:
    Banque Alternative Suisse BAS - CH-4600 Olten
    Clearing: 8390 - Account No.: 218.155.100-02 / Public Eye
    IBAN: CH1608390021815510002 - BIC: ALSWCH21

The accounts are in the name of: Public Eye, Av. Dickens 4, 1006 Lausanne

You can also request payment slips directly from the Public Eye secretariat. A direct debit form can also be downloaded here (PDF, 196 KB).