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Data privacy

Public Eye places a particular importance on handling private data in a completely confidential manner. As such, Public Eye is transparent in communications about its policy for gathering and using private information. Over and above complying with Swiss federal laws, Public Eye has decided not to collect personal information through its online presence (website & newsletter).

Private data and addresses

Anyone that requests information about Public Eye's activities, signs up to one of its newsletters, participates in an event or financially supports Public Eye, supplies us with a certain amount of private information. This data is saved electronically and only used by Public Eye. The information collected is compared with Public Eye's address file. This data is never sold, rented or transmitted in any way to third parties. All providers of services to Public Eye are subject to these same data protection guidelines.

Anyone that expresses an interest in Public Eye's work, or supports the organisation financially, will receive regular information, by post, about Public Eye's latest areas of work, unless this is expressly opted out from. Telephone information is used by Public Eye when additional information is required and/or during telephone campaigns. Information about age is used for spreading campaigns specifically targeted at one age group. Finally, email addresses are only used with prior agreement of the person concerned for this information to be used for providing them with information about Public Eye's work.

Anyone that provides their name to Public Eye to support an action or a campaign can specify if they wish to receive further information about Private Eye's work via post.

Donations via SMS remain anonymous and information received this way is not combined with information obtained by other means. Credit card numbers supplied to Public Eye are processed with full confidentiality. They are solely used for the requirements of the transaction in question and are encrypted (see Public Eye service provider data protection details for the transfer of payments, Postfinance). All information relating to donations is handled in complete confidentiality. Public Eye is Zewo certified and has donation handling regulations (available in French (PDF, 128 KB) or German (PDF, 119 KB)).

Right to information and revocation

Public Eye is transparent in communications about its policy for gathering and using private information. Upon request, Public Eye can provide details in writing about private data stored to the person whose information has been stored. Consent for Public Eye to use this data can be cancelled at any point via a simple email addressed to kontakt[at] or a letter sent by post.  

Electronic newsletter

It is particularly important for Public Eye to not send information via email to people that do not want to receive it (spam). As such, only people that have previously given their consent will receive regular information (e.g. newsletter) by email. Public Eye does not include people that have not provided their prior consent in group emails. For the sending of its electronic newsletter, Public Eye uses a system that ensures anonymity. No personal information is collected or used without the explicit authorisation of the people in question. Anybody signed up to the Public Eye electronic newsletter can easily unsubscribe at any point. Each newsletter has a specific link allowing the reader to do this. Public Eye uses the tool supplied by the American company MailChimp for sending its newsletter. However, Public Eye voluntarily renounces the use of the tool for using personal information offered by this service provider.  


When a visitor connects to the Public Eye website,, only non-personal information, about most-used links and most-visited pages, based on the time and duration of the visit, is stored. Visitors to the Public Eye website thus remain completely anonymous. This non-personal information associated with the use of the site,, will only be used to prepare statistics that help to establish and satisfy user requirements.

Public Eye uses the Piwik analytical tool to evaluate this data. The data gathered is stored in a private MySQL databank, which is hosted by our technical partners Rüegg Tuck Partner, who also host our website. This data can not be transferred to third parties.  

For further information Public Eye is happy to supply you with any additional information about its data protection policy, by responding to an email addressed to kontakt[at] or over the phone on +41 44 2 777 999.