Crowd Research

How transparent are clothing companies about wages in their supply chain? In 2019, we launched a crowd research project to analyse how transparent clothing companies are with regards to salaries. The project is now over but its results are still available on this page.

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  • What does crowd research involve?

    We work together to investigate which companies are committed to paying a living wage.

    Inequality and exploitation can be found throughout the global supply chains of the garment industry. Therefore the issue of production conditions needs to be brought out into the open.

    Which companies make information about their factories and the wages paid there publicly available? Which companies have a concrete action plan for paying living wages?

    The crowd research database highlights to what extent clothing companies are transparent about these issues.

    The special feature of this database is that the information is supplied by many different people. 

    The crowd research project is now over.

  • You will find the following information in the database

    • Does the company make any statements about living wages on its website?
    • Does the company have a concrete action plan or a strategy for paying living wages in its supply chain?
    • Does the company publish information about its factories and suppliers?
    • Does the company make available details of the wages that the workers there are paid?

    The database contains information about large and small fashion brands from various countries.

    We accept no responsibility for the information in the database. Because of the open nature of the research, we cannot guarantee that the information is correct.