We are convinced that it is possible to make the world fairer and more sustainable. To make it a world where all humans can live in dignity. A world where environmental limits are respected, and where the environment is preserved for the generations to come. A world free from discrimination; a peaceful and democratic world. A world in which the economy exists to serve people by guaranteeing fair working conditions and equitable salaries.

Since 1968, Public Eye has shed light on human rights violations perpetrated by Swiss companies abroad. It conducts investigations with tenacity and reveals cases of corruption and illegal and illegitimate business models that prejudice the populations of other countries. We do not stop by pointing out these wrongdoings; we advocate for regulations that better tackle the root causes of inequality.

Focus on Global Justice

Our objectives

  • To make Swiss companies respect human rights, labour laws and environmental standards –  including abroad
  • To ensure they can be held accountable by the Swiss judicial system if they commit abuses
  • To ensure that victims of human rights violations perpetrated by Swiss companies abroad have the chance to seek redress in Switzerland
  • To make the Swiss authorities set up a clear and binding legal framework to this end
  • To ensure that Switzerland fights the resource curse to enable the populations of producer countries to benefit from their country’s resource wealth
  • To ensure the political and judicial authorities combat corruption, embezzlement and tax evasion to stop Switzerland providing refuge to people who have acquired their wealth in an illicit manner
  • To prevent public goods from being privatised, essential goods from being patented so that they can be shared and serve the public interest
  • To prevent consumption in Switzerland from relying on exploitation and ensure that resources are preserved for future generations
  • To encourage Switzerland to champion the respect for human rights, equitable working conditions and greater social justice within the international community

Our work

Public Eye is both politically and financially independent. Our work is funded by the generous support of our members and donors who guarantee our independence. To a lesser extent, we are also supported by foundations. In addition, we are able to carry out larger projects thanks to bequests.

Through its exclusive investigations and in-depth research, Public Eye shines a spotlight on the ways that companies impact disadvantaged populations, and the indifference shown by the Swiss authorities. In our work we adhere to journalistic principles and standards.

Public Eye’s reliable research and analysis not only makes it possible to publicly denounce abuses – we always aim to put an end to them. That’s why we engage in campaigns and advocacy vis-à-vis companies and political decision-makers at the national and international level. Public Eye seeks dialogue, suggests concrete solutions, and works tenaciously to achieve tangible improvements. We have in-depth knowledge of the fields we work on and show long-term perseverance in pursuing our goals.

Within the context of its research and campaigns, Public Eye works with victims and other non-governmental organisations. We engage within international networks to achieve common goals.