For over fifty years, Public Eye has offered a critical analysis of the impact that Switzerland, and its companies, has on poorer countries.

Public Eye was founded in 1968 based on  the Berne Declaration  manifesto. The association is currently supported by some 29,000 members. The responsibilities of the general assembly and the Governing Board are laid down in the organisation's statutes. Public Eye has two secretariats, in Lausanne and Zurich, that jointly deal with members and donations in Italian-speaking Switzerland.

The General Assembly is Public Eye's ruling body. The Governing Board is the body that decides Public Eye's strategy. The members of the Governing Board are experts in the different fields that the organisation works in. The chairpersons of the board are Alessia Jemetta and Alfred Sommer.

A national directorate of four people run the organisation operationally.

In addition to the teams in our Lausanne and Zurich offices, which have around 35 members of staff, numerous volunteers help out within the organisation. Nine regional volunteer groups support Public Eye's objectives and play an important role in raising awareness. In the German-speaking part of Switzerland, a group of volunteers organise school visits in order to raise awareness amongst youngsters about the areas that Public Eye works on. The French-speaking secretariat currently responds to requests from schools subject to availability. Finally, occasionally volunteers also help out with administrative tasks in our offices.