An estimated 60 to 70 million people work in the garment trade at global level. They are mainly women. Poverty and the absence of professional alternatives force many of them to work for companies that exploit them. In most cases, they only get paid a fraction of the living wage, and their working conditions are often dangerous and inhuman. In spite of the repression and violence to which they are subjected, they fight for their rights on a daily basis.

Human rights in the garment industry The Clean Clothes Campaign

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Fashion is often associated with elegance and beauty – but for most of the employees in shoe and garment factories and the textile industry it’s more likely to rhyme with exploitation and repression. As a member of the international network of the Clean Clothes Campaign, Public Eye is committed to ensuring better working conditions and greater justice in the fashion industry.

There's a lot of work to do. Let's go!

Let's not wait for changes in the fashion industry - let's shape them! There are many ways in which we can get involved, individually or collectively. How we buy and use clothing, how we inform ourselves, how we discuss fashion and human rights, and which actions we ourselves initiate will determine the future of the fashion industry.

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