International Film Festival and Forum on Human Rights

The International Film Festival and Forum on Human Rights (FIFDH) returns in 2022 to celebrate its 20th edition from 4 to 13 March, both in cinemas and online.

To mark this 20th edition, the FIFDH will honoura new generation of activists, who are exactly 20 years old! Paxton Smith defends the right to abortion in Texas, Winnie Tushabe fights for sustainable agriculture in Uganda, Marina El-Khawand demands access to healthcare in Lebanon, and Suyin Haynes fights for the rights of people of colour and gender issues as the editor of UK non-binary magazine gal-dem. Whistleblower and former US military analyst Chelsea Manning and Hong Kong activist Nathan Law are also among the many other guests.

The full FIFDH 2022 program will be unveiled on February 15 on

Public Eye co-presents the debate on March 9: "The Sirens of Green Finance". We look forward to seeing you!