Successful conference on clinical drug trials

On the occasion of the conference organised by Health Action International (HAI) and Public Eye in Geneva, re-known international specialists have debated about ethical challenges and lack of transparency around clinical trials. Despite their importance, clinical trials as such are rarely debated in public. The all day long event has thus sparked international interest, convening up to 100 participants from the NGO, regulatory, academia, medical, media and industry sector.

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Four central issues have been debated by prominent international experts:

  • Globalisation of clinical trials and ethics
  • Transparency and access to data
  • Evidence generation for marketing authorisation and adaptive pathways
  • The way forward for needs-driven biomedical research.

The often incomplete and selective data communicated around clinical trials are the subject of intense discussions. According to Patrick Durisch, full transparency should “be the rule, not the exception”. It is hoped that the conference allows to “raise the alarm for stricter regulation of clinical trials”.

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Conference Report


Globalisation of clinical trials and ethics:

Transparence and access to data :

Marketing authorisation & adaptive Pathways:

Way forward to a needs-driven biomedical research:

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