What needs to be done – and our demands

  • States must guarantee that labour and human rights are respected at national level and that companies registered in countries that respect labour law and human rights ensure that they are implemented in all their commercial activities, as well as at international level. Switzerland should therefore legally demand that all companies that are registered under Swiss law and have their headquarters in Switzerland take responsibility for their actions.

  • The big brands and companies should commit to respecting and implementing labour rights (and especially the fundamental ILO norms and payment of a living wage), union rights as well as human rights throughout the supply chain, everywhere in the world. They should guarantee safe working conditions and enable people to live in dignity, as well as ensuring that a living wage is paid to all.
  • As members of civil society at international level, we should all be concerned about violations of labour and human rights, and show solidarity to those affected. It is also our duty to raise awareness about those who violate these rights and demand that human and labour rights be respected. You can do this by taking part in our urgent calls to action.