A model for the living wage: the Asia Floor Wage Campaign

© Michel Cermak
The Asia Floor Wage Campaign (AFW) was founded in 2009. It brings together 70 NGOs, trade unions and Asian specialists with a view to developing a model to calculate a living wage and to define wage demands for wage levels. This approach enables workers to react to the claims assertions of major brands, who claim that it is not possible to implement athe living wage.

AFW is organised as a regional alliance, and its objective is to increase salaries in the garment industry throughout Asia, as well as making the model accessible to other production regions (especially in Latin America, Africa and Eastern Europe). The idea is to avoid delocalisation of production by the major brands to countries where labour is cheaper and thereby increase the pressure on prices and competition even further, once wages have been adapted in certain areas. The Clean Clothes Campaign, jointly with local partner organisations in Asia, supports the approach being implemented by the Asia Floor Wage Alliance.

AFW works at local level, offers professional training to workers, and supports trade unions in the countries of production. It also dialogues with the major brands for regional negotiations.

What is Asia Floor Wage?

How to calculate the living wage according to the Asia Floor Wage