Tailored Wages 2019

Five years after the “Tailored Wages 2014” report, the Clean Clothes Campaign has once again surveyed 20 top clothing brands. The results of the survey are sobering. Only one single company, Gucci, can show evidence that some of the people employed in its supply chain receive a living wage.

Extended version

Working with the Clean Clothes Campaign Austria and the Clean Clothes Campaign Germany, Public Eye extended the survey to cover another 25 brands from the German-speaking countries. The extended report “Existenzlöhne in der globalen Modebranche. Firmencheck 2019” (Living wages in the global garment industry. Company survey 2019) was published in German and French.

In addition to Gucci, another company stands out in this results-oriented evaluation. Nile can provide evidence that around 50% of its workers are paid a living wage.