Big Pharma takes it all

How pharmaceutical corporations profiteer from their privileges – even in a global health crisis like Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic is a global crisis with devastating effects on people’s lives. Disadvantaged people everywhere, but especially in low- and middle-income countries, have been particularly hard-hit. Wealthier states have snatched up nearly all of the global supply of Covid-19 vaccines, treatments and diagnostics. This inequitable access to life-saving medical tools is due to the artificial scarcity created by the patent-based monopoly system, which high-income countries like Switzerland protect.

This Public Eye report unmasks the hypocrisy of wealthy states and Big Pharma in pledging solidarity during this crisis. It demonstrates how Big Pharma has once again rolled out its 10 key strategies to cash in, relying on massive amounts of public funding while redeeming its bad reputation. States are responsible for protecting the human right to health and must actively shape the pharmaceutical system in order to guarantee sustainable access to lifesaving medical tools. This is a question of political will – visions and concrete solutions exist.