Cocoa Barometer 2022

In 2022, the majority of cocoa-growing families continue to live in poverty. Deforestation and the use of pesticides are a constant threat to the environment and the climate. And comprehensive regulation is long overdue.

A global consortium of over 20 civil society organisations, including Public Eye, published the 8th edition of the Cocoa Barometer in December 2022. The biennial review of the biggest challenges in the cocoa and chocolate sector once again shows that systemic and effective approaches to combating poverty, eliminating child labour, and protecting the ecosystem still do not exist. The industry still largely follows a project-based approach and regulatory efforts in producing countries with regards to living income are difficult to enforce. The organisations behind the barometer therefore call for the immediate implementation of planned EU regulations on human rights and environmental due diligence as well as deforestation. Public Eye is calling on the Federal Council and Parliament that Switzerland follows suit and closes its legal loopholes immediately.