Walk-in Closet – The clothing swap

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Swap garments rather than buy something new. Sort through your clothes wardrobe and take up to ten items to the Walk-in Closet; they need to be in good condition, but you’re not currently wearing them. In exchange, you can select up to ten other second-hand items.

Clothing swaps like the Walk-in Closet are an alternative to excessive spending on new clothes. As well as exchanging items, participants receive information and there are awareness-raising activities on the international impact of garment consumption. The Swiss Walk-in Closet association organises clothing swaps in Spring and in Autumn in several cities in Switzerland (get more information in German).

Sipy in Geneva

Walk-in Closet clothing swaps are mainly organised in German-speaking Switzerland. The Sipy project in Geneva also includes the possibility to swap clothes and thus become a socially and environmentally conscious consumer (more information available in French).