Call for projects

Following the successful first editions of the Investigation Award, launched on the occasion of its fiftieth anniversary, Public Eye will be awarding CHF 20,000 to support two investigative projects led by journalists or NGO researchers in regions of the world where people's and environmental rights are being violated by irresponsible companies. This is in recognition of the fact that the work of journalists, NGOs and researchers is essential to denounce these injustices.

Terms and conditions

The investigation must have a direct link with the activities of Swiss companies and/or Swiss politics. It must shed new light on abusive practices in an economically disadvantaged country –whether relating to human rights violations, environmental damage, corruption or illegitimate financial activities– and it must be exclusive and as yet unpublished. The report will be published by Public Eye, but it may also appear in other publications (to be agreed with Public Eye).

Submission of projects

The project is expected to contain a short overview of the project (one A4 page or 400 words maximum) and a brief introduction of the persons conducting the investigation. A draft research plan and a cost estimate must also be provided, as these will also help the jury panel to assess the feasibility of the project and ensure regular reporting on the progress of the investigation. Any other grant already awarded to the project must be mentioned. Detailed rules on submission of projects can be found below or here.

The jury (selection panel)

The jury tasked with selecting the shortlisted project(s) is composed of four external experts and four Public Eye staff.

Criteria for participation

Participation is open to journalists and staff at NGOs or other institutions who are investigating in developing or emerging countries. The projects are to be submitted by April 7, 2023, at the following address: 


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  • 1. Overview

    Public Eye, a Swiss non-governmental organisation, offers a critical view of the impact that Switzerland and Swiss companies have on developing countries.

    Through its Investigation Award, Public Eye is offering financial support to two investigative projects with a direct link to Switzerland (a Swiss company, the Swiss government or a Swiss person, for instance) and referring to one or more economically disadvantaged countries. Such investigative project must uncover unheard-of aspects about problematic practices, be they environmental damage, human rights violations or illegal financial flows.

    This competition is open to journalists and NGO researchers or members of academic institutions publishing journalistic reports.

    The amount to be allocated to the shortlisted investigative projects is set at CHF 20,000. The investigative projects will be published by Public Eye.

  • 2. Deadlines for project submissions, payments and publication

    The investigative projects must be submitted to Public Eye no later than April 7, 2023 at the following address: 

    The winners are required to submit their work to Public Eye no later than 18 August 2023, with a “making of” presenting the various stages of the investigative process.

    A short report will be sent to Public Eye on a monthly basis during the investigation process.

    Half of the amount awarded to the winner(s) will be paid once the jury has reached its decision. The second half will be paid when the investigation report has been submitted.

    If a project cannot be finalised, the grounds must be explained in a final report and the amount awarded must be refunded.

  • 3. Content of the investigative projects

    A short overview of the project (one A4 page or 400 words maximum), highlighting the novelty element and relevance in the proposed grid (see below for the jury panel’s selection criteria). The investigative project must be exclusive (unpublished material) and must be based on a realistic working hypothesis (based on preliminary research).

    The CV of the candidate(s), who must be journalists or work for an NGO publishing investigative journalism reports.

    The outline research plan (schedule, sources, stages, expected travel, etc.).

    An estimated budget including details of the expense items.

  • 4. The winners’ commitment vis-à-vis Public Eye

    The selected winner(s) agree for Public Eye to release the results of their work. The winner(s) will in any case also be able to disseminate their work themselves in coordination with Public Eye. Where appropriate, this coordination will refer specifically to the place and date of first publication of the investigation.

    The projects must be submitted in one of the following languages: English, French, German, Portuguese or Spanish.

  • 5. The jury’s selection criteria

    The jury will select two projects from among the submissions based on the criteria shown in the table above. These criteria will be weighted according to the point scale on the right-hand side column.

  • 6. The jury panel

    The jury will be made up of eight members, four of whom will be Public Eye staff.

    The jury reserves the right to select two projects depending on the quality of the submissions.

    The jury allocates CHF 10,000 to each of the two selected projects.

Further information

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