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Public Eye50 YEARS

Since the instigators of the Berne Declaration presented their vision of a fairer world in 1968, Public Eye has been fighting injustices that have their root causes in Switzerland. For 50 years now, we have focused on global justice. Celebrate our anniversary with us!

Shining a light on shady businesses

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As an investigative organisation, we know that revealing hidden truths can change the world. So in celebration of our anniversary we want to enable two researchers to shed light on the dubious businesses conducted by Swiss companies in poor countries. Such reports give victims a voice and create pressure to bring about much-needed change.

Journalists from around the world submitted 55 exciting research projects in response to the call to apply for our Investigation Award. Our distinguished jury has chosen who outstanding proposals:

Together we can boost transparency

We are running a crowdfunding bid to collect funds for these projects. Your support will enable us to shed light on shady business practices – for the light of day is the best disinfectant. Work with us to make these two gripping research projects possible!


A rich history

The foundations for the first development organisation in Switzerland, which is now known as Public Eye, were laid with the Berne Declaration (Erklärung von Bern, in French (PDF, 25 KB)/German (PDF, 19.1 KB)). The manifesto was signed by nearly 10,000 people.


From Jute not Plastic to Dirty Diesel

This gave rise to a movement which was already attracting attention with targeted actions in the 1970s – for instance organising a hunger strike and occupying the Federal Palace during the Conference Switzerland – Third World, taking part in the Nestlé kills Babies campaign, directly importing coffee from Tanzania (“Ujamaa”) or the Jute not Plastic project to support ethical business in Bangladesh.

Just a few of the highlights of our history include the victory in the fight against the illegal Illisu dam project, campaigns against pesticides, the launch of the Clean Clothes Campaign and the introduction of fair working conditions in the textile industry, campaigns for access to medication, the proposed raw materials supervisory body ROHMA or the Public Eye Awards at the WEF at Davos. Read the timeline of our full history.


A visionary anniversary gala

Save the date – 26 May 2018 – for our anniversary general assembly in Berne – you won’t regret it!

Following the regular general assembly, five distinguished minds will have a go at gazing into a crystal ball from different perspectives. Under the leadership of Sandro Brotz, anchor for the Swiss TV channel SRF, speakers such as Lukas Bärfuss, Bastien Girod and Laura Zimmermann from Operation Libero will discuss “the role and future of civil society in our globalised business world”.

The evening event is open to anyone who’s interested – regardless of whether you’re a member. We’re looking forward to an exciting discussion with both familiar and new faces!


The people behind Public Eye

Public Eye represents a shared view on injustice, a perspective that focuses our drive for global justice. We act not only in the name of our some 25,000 members, but also together with them, because we fully believe in the power of collective action and the ability that we all have to drive positive change.  In addition, the work of volunteers from all over Switzerland helps make our campaigns successful.

Focus on Global Justice