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How Nestlé gets children hooked on sugar

Downlaod photos © Anne-Laure Lechat/ Public Eye

© Damián Sánchez / Public Eye

How Nestlé is driving Mexican coffee farmers to ruin

Downlaod photos and videos © Damián Sánchez / Public Eye

The curse of the sapphire

Photos: ZIP (19.9 MB) © Julie Zaugg


© Panos

Russian oil trade: Dubai pulls out all the stops to edge out Switzerland

High-resolution photos: ZIP (40 MB)
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© Panos Pictures

Chlorothalonil - ‘Water is sacred too’

High-resolution photos: ZIP (42 MB), videos on demand
© Jose Díaz

A Zug-based mining group in Indonesia

High-resolution photos: ZIP (72 MB), videos on demand

© Muhammad Fadli / Panos

Excess Profits in the commodity trading sector

Graphics for download as image files (ZIP 470 KB). Further graphics or codes for embedding graphics can be requested at © Public Eye

© Matthew Abbott/Panos

Poisonous coal in Australia

Low-resolution photos: ZIP (7,2 MB)
High-resolution photos: ZIP (209 MB)

© Matthew Abbott / Panos

Switzerland and its mountain of coal

Graphics for download as image files (ZIP 4,4MB) or on request ( as responsive graphics for embedding. © Public Eye

Dark Patterns

20 «Dark Patterns» explained: Visuals to download (ZIP 7,7 MB). © Public Eye

Online fashion giant "Shein"

High-resolution photos (ZIP, 45 MB) © Panos Pictures / Public Eye
Graphics (ZIP, 2,6 MB) © Public Eye /

“Corruption for Dummies”

Illustrations & Gifs: ZIP (5,2 MB)

© Herr Fuchs / Public Eye

Gunvor in Ecuador

High-resolution photos: ZIP (52 MB)
Low-resolution photos: ZIP (8,9 MB)

© Johis Alarcón/Panos

Glencore actively shirks responsibility at its mine in Bolivia

High-resolution photos: ZIP (26 MB), © Photos: Christian Lombardi / Public Eye

Banned pesticides: infographics

EU exports: png, pdf | high resolution: jpeg
© Martin Grandjean ( / Public Eye / Unearthed

Swiss exports: png, pdf | high resolution: jpeg
© Martin Grandjean ( / Public Eye

© Marcos Weiske

Bitter oranges: The reality that the industry does not want you to see

High-resolution photos and infographics: ZIP (68 MB), © Photos: Marcos Weiske, Graphics: Opak / Public Eye

Libyan fuel smuggling: a Swiss trader sailing through troubled waters
high-resolution photos (ZIP, 13 MB) , © TRIAL International / Francesco Bellina

Pesticide giants make billions from bee-harming and carcinogenic chemicals

Infographics: high-resolution (ZIP, 4MB)
© Nadieh Bremer (Visual Cinnamon) / Unearthed / Public Eye

© Timmy Memeti

R-E-S-P-E-C-T: Following the tracks of a Zara hoody.

Photos und Infographics. Copyrights see document.