Firmencheck 2019

Existenzlöhne in der globalen Modebranche

A living wage is a recognised human right, and clothing companies have a clear responsibility to guarantee that living wages are paid throughout their supply chain. However, although more and more clothing brands are committing on paper to paying living wages, hardly any workers in the textile industry earn enough to live with dignity.

This study analyses why so little is happening on the issue of wages and why many of the voluntary wage initiatives taken by companies in their supply chain fall short of what is needed. It highlights which companies have made more progress in the interim stages of the process than others, and why businesses must be obliged to guarantee the right to a living wage.

The report is an extended version of the international report “Tailored wages – The state of pay in the global garment industry” issued by the Clean Clothes Campaign, and covers another 25 companies in addition to the 20 in the international report (making a total of 45). This extended version is only available in German and French.