Our campaign: toxic air returns to Geneva

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In their statements, commodities trading companies like to present themselves as responsible. To remind them of what their ‘responsibility’ really means, Public Eye shipped a container full of toxic air from Ghana’s capital Accra back to its sender, Trafigura. The company from Geneva has set itself the goal of becoming “recognised as industry leader in terms of social responsibility”.
Dirty Diesel - Return to sender

A total of 19,071 people signed our petition calling on Trafigura to stop using its illegitimate business model. Trafigura did accept the petition but, just like Vitol, Glencore, Addax & Oryx and Mercuria, hides behind the legality of this toxic business model and the claim that African governments have sole responsibility for the issue.

Return to sender: Public Eye returns the polluted air of Ghana to Trafigura