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Public Eye demands that Switzerland and its pharmaceutical industry:

  • Respect the right of States to make full use of the flexibilities provided for in international agreements to increase, access to medicines for all, so as to put the right to health above economic interests.
  • Actively support alternative mechanisms for coordination and funding of pharmaceutical innovation, especially for the diseases affecting primarily countries of the Global South, and to make these medicines directly available as public goods at affordable prices

Public Eye urges the Federal Council:

  • to adopt a stronger stance towards pharmaceutical companies regarding the unjustifiably high prices of (cancer) medicines.
  • to unambiguously recognise and utilise the government use licence where public interest dictates, as provided for by the Swiss Patent Act, especially in the case of excessive pricing of cancer treatments.
  • to refrain from spreading misleading information about compulsory licensing and exercising undue pressure on countries wanting to take legitimate legal measures, such as compulsory licensing, to protect public health
  • to amend the Swiss Health Foreign Policy, adopted in 2012, so as to recognise that all countries have the right to fully apply the TRIPS flexibilities as deemed appropriate, and not, as wrongly stated, only in “emergency situations”
  • to refrain from imposing on low- and middle-income countries intellectual property (IP) provisions that go beyond the WTO TRIPS Agreement (TRIPS-plus provisions) and bear in mind that IP protections may undermine development and adversely affect human rights, especially access to lifesaving medicines