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What you can do

As an individual, you only have limited options for exerting a critical influence over Syngenta's business activities, since the company has virtually no direct active involvement in the consumer goods market. Among the few exceptions are Syngenta's Toscanella and Kumato tomatoes, which are available in supermarkets and identifiable as Syngenta products. Plant protection products and fertilisers for private users are sold in Switzerland by Syngenta's subsidiary, Maag. Anyone who does not wish to support Syngenta's corporate policy should refrain from purchasing these products.

  • Always ask the staff about the origin and the social and ecological background of the products.
  • Urge greater transparency by writing letters to the management and posting enquiries in the opinons-letterbox.
  • Buy regional and seasonal products at local markets and from direct marketers. Whenever possible, give preference to fair trade and biological (bio) products. They are the simplest, healthiest and best choice, and they enable you as a consumer to reduce the use of pesticides.
  • Avoid large companies' brands
  • Of course, the principles that apply to individual consumers also apply to buyers in administrative organisations and private companies.