Company Audits

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Public Eye and the Clean Clothes Campaign from time to time evaluate the degree to which the textile companies have committed to respecting human and labour rights throughout their supply chains.

The limits of evaluating and rating companies

Company ratings, guides to labels and individual evaluations all provide a picture of the situation at a given time, according to one or several specific criteria. They are generally based on the evaluation of replies provided by the companies themselves and on information available in the public domain, as well as on occasional in-depth research. It is almost impossible to carry out exhaustive surveys on production practice through the supply chains of the companies in question.

The information provided can therefore not be considered as a long-term view, or even as advice for buying clothes. The evaluation methods used are presented in detail in the company ratings. For ratings that were performed a long time ago, it is necessary to bear in mind that company practice may well have changed since then.

  • In 2019, we surveyed 45 top Swiss and international clothing brands. The results of the survey are sobering. Only two companies can show evidence that some of the people employed in their supply chain receive a living wage.
  • In 2017 the Clean Clothes Campaign performed a survey on the transparency of supply chains in the fashion industry. This was done in collaboration with international organisations.
  • In 2016, Public Eye published a Guide to Labels. It shows how the different labels are organised, as well as the criteria and control methods that are used. You can order a free copy of the brochure here (in French or German).
  • In 2016, we rated 28 shoe companies, including eight in Switzerland. This work was performed together with the NGO network of Change Your Shoes.
  • In 2013, the Clean Clothes Campaign rated over 100 clothing brands to evaluate the degree of commitment to paying workers a living wage. This led to the company evaluation published in 2014 and available here (in French and German).
  • In 2012, we carried out a survey of companies that are actively involved in sports and outdoor leisure wear; we then published an evaluation of outdoor sports companies (in French or German).